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Breeds of Livestock - Lusitano
Breeds of Livestock - Lusitano
Oklahoma State's breeds of livestock - history and information about the Lusitano horse breed.
Conquistador: Breeds - Lusitano
Conquistador: Breeds - Lusitano
Jose Fontes - Lusitanos
Jose Fontes - Lusitanos
Quinta das Arribas
2200-488 Abrantes
+ 351 968 035 845
+ 351 217 977 884

Breeders of Lusitano horses in Portugal. Background on the Lusitano breed. Information about Lusitano stallions, mares and foals.
Horse of Kings Magazine
97355 Lebanon OR

(321) 288-0235

A celebration of the baroque horse, including Andalusians, Friesians, Lipizzans, and Lusitanos. We report on the historical significance of these royal breeds, their emergence as modern-day athletes, and their place as our beloved partners.


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