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Appelsbosch Stud
Appelsbosch Stud
Appelsbosch Farm
6740 Swellendam

Appelsbosch Stud consists of Adorado Lusitano stud and Ya-Dayo Egyptian Arabian stud.
Carreg Dressage
Carreg Dressage
SY20 8NW
+44 1650 511222

Specialising in classical dressage for over 20 years, Carreg Dressage has a known reputation for producing forward, light, balanced horses with expressive movement. The training of all horses is approached in a sympathetic and appropriate manner.

Outstanding facilities set in idyllic countryside ensure that all of our visiting horses are confident and relaxed.

Our faculties include an all weather indoor and 70 meter outdoor school sheltered in outstanding organic countryside.

Staff are well trained and welcoming. We aim to provide an individual service tailored exactly to the needs of your horse and yourself as a rider.

Most of our clients have been with us for many years and are willing to give personal recommendations as to the unique service experienced offered at Carreg Dressage.

We offer a small selection of horses for sale that have all been trained by us here at Carreg Dressage.
Casal dos Mogos
Casal dos Mogos
Tv dos Canteiros
Casal Sobrigal
136 Torres Vedras 2565

'Casal dos Mogos' is a unique equestrian project dedicated to the wonderful Lusitano and located on the Silver Coast only 30 minutes from Lisbon. We offer high quality and reliable services, including livery, training for horse and/or rider, Lusitano stud tours, horses for sale, weekend breaks, and working holidays. Through the Lusitano, we aim to promote the enriched rural Portuguese culture and way of life. We believe that you will most certainly find this tranquil location very friendly and welcoming.
Coudelaria Benavis
Coudelaria Benavis
Avda. de Madrid 11
0034 626839815

We sell Lusitanos, all with papers. Excellent bloodlines - royal Lusitanien horses - Portugal.
Coudelaria Luis Folgado
Coudelaria Luis Folgado
Rua António Costa Carvalho Lt 278 R/C Esq.
2765-015 Estoril Lisboa

The Coudelaria Luis Miguel Folgado was started in 2000 and, since then, has been installed on the Monte da Boiada in Serpa. We aim to breed animals that, in addition to retaining all the morphological characteristics of the Lusitano horse breed, also have an exceptional aptitude for sports.
Coudelaria Oliveira e Sousa
Coudelaria Oliveira e Sousa
Quinta do Maçapez
2120-066 Salvaterra de Magos

A Lusitano Stud Farm with a story that began in 1897.
Don E Mor
P.O. Box 638
Pittsboro, NC 27312
(919) 542-1241
(919) 770-1673

Don E Mor is pleased to offer Lusitano colts, fillies, mares, and stallions for sale. As each horse turns three, they begin their training. Come look us up and find the horse of your dreams locally.
El Castaño
El Castaño
+52 81 83685000

Lusitano and other fine breeds.

Stud service - horses and foals for sale - dressage horses.
Fonte Caspolina - Aldeia Hípica
Fonte Caspolina - Aldeia Hípica

Quinta do Marquês - Rotunda do Arneiro
E.A.N. (Estação Agronómica Nacional)
Oeiras, Lisbon

JD Lusitano and Portuguese Sport Horse breeder.

Situated in a large green spot of Oeiras, in the heart of The Estação Agronómica Nacional (a national centre of agrarian research), about 20 mins from Lisbon and 5 mins from amazing beaches.

With 15yrs experience breeding Lusitanos and Portuguese Sport Horses, our horses have shown their value on a variety of fields, from the bullfighting ring to high level dressage.
Gala Lusitano Ranch
Gala Lusitano Ranch
Box 5665
Lacombe AB T4L1X3
(403) 885-5054

A small Lusitano breeding ranch in Alberta, Canada. Standing Atrevido, a 2005 Puro Sangue Lusitano.


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