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United States Peruvian Horse Association, Inc.
United States Peruvian Horse Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 806
Wilton, CA 95693
(916) 687-4835
(916) 687-6439

Our mission is to serve as a democratic, member-governed equine association, to protect the integrity/accuracy of breed records and the registration process, to provide services to our members, and to promote the legacy/future of the Peruvian Horse.
North American Peruvian Horse Association - NAPHA
Asociacion PanameƱa de Criadores y Propietarios de Caballos Peruanos de Paso - APCPCPPPeruvian Paso Horse Association of Ontario - PPHAO
Maple ON L6A2E9
(905) 303-8137
(416) 576-5847

For the education, dissemination, and promotion of the Peruvian Paso Horse in Ontario. We would like you to join us and share the love and admiration we have for the noble Peruvian Paso horse.


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