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Shalom Camp

Equine facilitated mental health certification.

I am a graduate student doing a Masters of Science in Psychology. Equine Facilitated Mental Health has been an up and coming profession within the last ten years. Unfortunately, there are many New Age organizations that have entered the field. I have set up a training program at an annual family camp that I run. All the information concerning the family camp can be found on our website.

I work with Attachment Disordered and Re-Active Attachment Disordered kids.

We have just set up a certification program. Please contact us for more details.

Marie Sherwood
Executive Director
Equine Facilitated Bonding™ Therapist
Shalom Ranch/Shalom Camp 09
BA, BS, MS student
Stablemate Pty Ltd.
Windsor NSW 2756
+61 2 4587 9770

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