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Duas Quintas
Duas Quintas
Traditional Algarve bed and breakfast accommodation located in the heart of the Algarve near Silves, Portugal. Stunning b&b rooms and surroundings for you to enjoy, completely run by a Christian family in Portugal. We run horse riding weekends, so contact us for details.
Morning Star Ranch
Meggyfa u. 1/a

Mission statement of Morning Star Ranch Ministries:

1.Reaching out to children and youth to share the love of Jesus Christ, Christian values, family life, and love of nature through activities such as horse camps.

2.Morning Star Ranch Ministries is non denominational.

We breed the American Azteca Horse, crossing elite Andalusian stallions with top quality American Quarter Horse mares in order to develop beautiful, gentle, yet powerful sport horses for the European market.

We believe in quality.


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