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Horse Ball Davis
Horse Ball Davis

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Davis, CA
(408) 512-7300

Horse Ball Davis is a fun, recreational sports team that is similar to both basketball and rugby on horseback. There is currently only one team in Davis that practices weekly at Pine Trails Ranch on County Road 31 in Davis.

Horse Ball is an internationally recognized sport that is very popular in France, Spain, and England.

The Rules of the Game:
The game is comprised of two, 10-minute periods that are separated by a 3-minute
half-time period. At the start of each game, the referee throws a jump ball to start the game. The team with the ball in their possession must pass the ball between their players at least three consecutive times, before attempting to score a basket. The team that scores the most baskets by the end of round two wins.

If you are interested in playing, starting a team, or having a horse ball clinic at your barn, please contact:
Charlotte Orr
Team Coordinator, Horse Ball Davis
(408) 512-7300

If you are interested in horseback riding lessons or horse training services, please contact:
Michelle Haseltine
Owner & Head Trainer, Pine Trails Ranch
(530) 756-2042

About the Coach: John S. Malbos is a classical French riding instructor and trainer. He is certified by the French government at one of the highest levels.

Disclaimer: Horse Ball is a game for confident riders. Both you and your horse should be comfortable riding at a walk, trot, and canter. This game may not be suitable for some green horses. The ideal horse ball mount is steady and good tempered. It is important that the horses behave well around others (no kicking or biting), as players generally ride knee to knee.

Although Horse Davis is a recreational riding group, the international federation of horseball (FIHB) establishes and edits rules for international competition, which are followed by all national organizations.


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