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Compagnie des Hackamores
Rue Doumier 49
4430 Ans

Compagnie Hackamores is a Belgium based troupe founded in 2000. Activity range runs from jousting shows to historical equestrian sports workshops (skill at arms, jousting, mounted archery, ground combat) organized in the heart of medieval Europe.

The Compagnie is the Belgian affiliate for the International Jousting League and takes part in tournaments and jousts around the world all year long.

If you're looking for a unique experience, come visit us, get in a jousting suit, and run down our lists!
International Jousting League
Rue Doumier 49
4430 Ans

The League was created in 2004 to provide riders with a unique, competitive, and safe environment to fit their passion for historical equestrian sports.

Since then, the League has grown into the largest and most active jousting community in the modern world.

Having successfully sanctioned 21 events in three seasons, the League is now represented in over 15 countries and gathering 130+ affiliates on three continents.
World Championship Jousting Association
Company of the Lance, The

An Auckland, New Zealand based jousting group who perform jousting on horseback at events and hold annual jousting tournaments. Jousting is fast, exciting and recreates medieval history with authentic armour and costuming.


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