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Bulgarian Natural Horsemanship Society - ADGOR
Bulgarian Natural Horsemanship Society - ADGOR
Yar-Corte Acres
Yar-Corte Acres

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3243 Pennay Hill Road
Kingsley, PA 18826
(570) 756-3036

Yar-Corte Acres is a family owned and operated ranch located in the northeastern corner of the Endless Mountain Range of Pennsylvania. We are situated on approximately one hundred-sixty acres of beautiful mountain top property with pastured, trail ridden, and wooded grounds. This glory land for horses and riders alike is only five miles off of Route 81, Lenox Exit 211 (approx. thirty minutes from both Scranton, PA and Binghamton, NY).
PA Natural Horsemanship Association, Inc. - PNHA
Apollo, PA 15613
(724) 859-7938

The PNHA, Inc., a member based non-profit organization, is dedicated to the education and promotion of communication between horse and human.

We are an all inclusive organization. We do not promote any specific method, technique, clinician or horseman. Instead, our members will find a friendly environment for exchanging information, learning and growing in our skills and relationship with our horse and each other.

The definition of the term "Natural" has varied connotations within the horse community. It is our hope that every individual will have the drive to seek the knowledge necessary in forming their own educated determination of the phrase "Natural Horsemanship".

Join us in our journey as we strive to seek a better understanding of how to achieve a solid foundation in Horsemanship.

True Horsemanship, in itself, is... "Natural".



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