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American Vaulting Association - AVA
American Vaulting Association - AVA
British Equestrian Vaulting
British Equestrian Vaulting
Dreamswept Farm
Dreamswept Farm
Technique Equestrian Vaulting Club

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Cambry Kaylor
10851 N 5750 W
Highland, UT 84003
(801) 362-4129

A new equestrian vaulting club in Utah County that teaches vaulting to anyone from 5 - 45 years of age. Students compete locally and in regional and national events. Vaulting is a great way to become a better rider, and you don't need your own horse.
Oak Hills Vaulters
1435 E 900 S
Salem, UT 84653
(801) 836-0799

One of Utah's largest and oldest vaulting clubs. Rapidly growing and serving our communities in Utah County. Helping people of all ages therapeutically, recreationally, and competitively. Our 4 nationally ranked coaches are right here in Utah county.


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