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Equine Gateway
Equine Gateway

12615 NW Gainesville Rd
Reddick, FL 32686
(859) 707-1448

Find Thoroughbreds for sale on Equine Gateway. It is free to browse our website and find Thoroughbred shares, stallion seasons, and Thoroughbreds for sale.
Far and Ride
Far and Ride
Chestnut Lodge
45a Church Street
SG18 9QT
01462 701110

Horse riding holidays. More than 150 riding programmes in over 25 countries. We are able to advise you on picking a suitable destination.

Our destinations include: Argentina, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Mexico, Peru, Sardinia, Slovenia, Spain, and Zambia.
Fell Pony Society of North America, The - FPSNA
Fell Pony Society of North America, The - FPSNA

Visit Fell Pony Society of North America, The - FPSNA's Facebook Page

The FPSNA facilitates the conservation of the Fell pony breed worldwide and promotes the Fell pony breed in North America in ways that are consistent with the aims, rules, and regulations of the Fell Pony Society (UK).
Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse International
Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse International
1266 150th Ave
Ogilvie, MN 56358
(877) 653-1341
(651) 653-6217

We are one of the fastest growing registries in the USA for all horses of Friesian heritage that are 25% and above. The Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse International will provide a registry with integrity that is inclusive and provides a "home" for all documented horses of 25% or greater Friesian heritage.

Our basic registration is simple, straightforward and affordable and requires no membership fee.

We aim to promote and reward "responsible" breeding through optional programs, which place an emphasis on quality and "suitability of type". These optional programs provide valuable, educational tools for breeders and buyers alike.

We recognized the versatility and value of a Friesian Sport Horse as well as the Friesian Heritage horse.
Friesian Horse Association of North America - FHANA
P. O. Box 1809
97759 Sisters OR

(541) 549-4272

The North American subsidiary of the original Dutch Friesian Horse registry, the FPS.
Friesian Marketplace Tack Emporium - Friesian Tack For Sale

Visit Friesian Marketplace Tack Emporium - Friesian Tack For Sale's Facebook Page

Welcome to the Friesian Marketplace Tack Emporium! We have quality Friesian tack for sale on the marketplace. We have been working for several years designing and selecting tack and other products to use on our Friesians, and we want to share with all Friesian owners! These are our absolute favorite things that we use every day on our lovely Friesians. All of our items on our Friesian Favorite list we have selected because they fit well, are easy to use, are durable, AND look just phenomenal! No more looking around trying to find tack and products that work for your Friesian. We have what you need for your horse, including Friesian bridles and Friesian saddles. The Friesian Marketplace Tack Emporium is a one stop shop for Friesian needs. We have tried all of these products, and we recommend all of them! We are so excited about offering these quality products to all of the wonderful Friesian owners.
Horse Hoof
Horse Hoof
Horse hoof care information and farrier services directory.

Visit HorseClicks' Facebook Page

HorseClicks is a horse website featuring horses for sale, stud, trade, and lease. The website also offers comprehensive listings of horse-related equipment such as saddles, tack, trailers, and horse real estate listings of farms and land for sale. A complimentary directory of horse-related websites is also a nice feature that is beneficial to all equine website owners.
18 New Street
08619 Hamilton NJ

(732) 832-0032

Bringing People and Horses Together. Horses for sale classified ad website. Find your dream horse here.


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