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Espíritu del Viento
Espíritu del Viento

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Paraje de los Molinos
29690 Málaga
+34 722 15 35 75

Located near Manilva/Casares. Your horse grazes the 16 to 18 hours a day how nature designed it to do on our quality ad-lib mountain hay from Huesca. No straw (heno). Quality hard feed and mountain spring water. The label on your jodhpurs does not matter at E del V. Your horse's well being is priority at this small private yard. No cliques, witty and knowledgeable owner, and only sensible rules. A 50 x 18 floodlit sand school, a 15m round pen, a 16m walker, and routes as long or short as you want in beautiful unspoilt countryside. Living in a herd (or its own stall with rubber matting and a micro-spray system that keeps flies and heat down in the summer and enjoying daily turnout), your horse will be treated as one of the family.

Endurance / distance rider and horse training a specialty. Equine farrier services and a equine massage therapist compliment the whole horse experience that is practiced at our yard.
Holistic Hoof and Horsecare
Holistic Hoof and Horsecare
Renard Road
Caherciveen, Co. Kerry

Latest info on horse care, hoof care & problems, nutrition, and lots more to make your horse perform at its best.
Whole Horse Protocol - WHP

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Paraje de los Molinos
29690 Casares Malaga

Barefoot hoof courses and so much more. As the name implies, to be a professional barefoot trimmer you need to know more than just hooves! Our installations provide services to rehabilitate pathologies (laminitis, founder, navicular, quarter cracks, unexplained lameness, etc) and also in-depth courses for those wishing to make a career from this fast growing ethological equine area.
Natural Hoof Care Ireland
Garryhill, Co. Carlow

AANHCP Natural Horse Care Certification.

- Hoof trim for horses and donkeys
- General equine welfare and management consulting
- SIUA Educational Anthrozoology projects (Human-Animal Interaction)


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