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Cheval International
Cheval International
EcoLicious Equestrian
EcoLicious Equestrian
PO Box 71 Group 5 RR2
Ste Anne MB R5H 1R2
(204) 866-7316

Detox your horse grooming routine with earth friendly products so delicious, you'll want to borrow them from your horse! 100% free of nasty chemicals, silicones & parabens. Only 100% naturally derived human grade & organic ingredients.

Your Horse. Your Earth. Your Choice.
Equiderma - "The World's Greatest Equine Products"

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421 NW Bailey Grade Rd
32331 Greenville FL

(850) 948-2800
(850) 464-1993

I'm Bethany Padgett, CEO, founder and formulator of Equiderma Products. I've been a horse woman and devoted to animals all of my life. I used to own and operate a respected equestrian center for dressage and hunter/jumper in central Florida, and during that time founded a 501c3 rescue for all animals in need. That was twenty years ago and where this amazing journey began. Every day, I devoted myself to healing the animals in my care. Over time, I became more and more frustrated with the grooming and skin care products available to me. Like many of you can most likely relate, I had a medicine cabinet filled with products that failed to deliver on their claims. Meanwhile, there was an animal that continued to suffer from the lack. With so many animals relying on me, I finally had enough. Necessity truly was the mother of invention, and I decided to make it my life's mission to create products that performed quickly, effectively, predictably, and most of all, painlessly. Equiderma Skin Lotion was my first product, born for my own personal use in my barns, but as fate would have it, there was a business there. It quickly became the go to solution at our rescue and equestrian center, and you could often hear voices ringing out "Hey Bethany, where's your blue stuff!" Since that time, Equiderma has grown in product line and ethos, and I've found my life's purpose and passion along the way. I am now able to help animals on a much broader scale. Words cannot fully express how rewarding that is. The onus for each product was a particular animal in my care. I will always remember them and am grateful for this beautiful business they helped me create. Each and every one of our products has been carefully and intelligently formulated to deliver superior performance for a specific purpose. I believe they are the absolute best equine grooming products on the market. Period.
Equine Organix
Equine Organix

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51 Hill Top Road
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
(908) 229-0787

Equine Organix provides healthy, stylish items for horse, rider, and dog.

Our premier grooming products are: Organic Chamomile & Olive Oil Shampoo and Leave In Mane & Tail Detangler. These are sulfate free, pH-balanced specifically for horses, concentrated, and gentle for repeated washings.

We also offer gorgeous floral saddle pads in dressage, all purpose, and pony sizes. Custom leather neck halters for face-free grooming and safe bridling.

Beautiful tote bags, breech cover ups, dog beds, and unique gifts.
Head of the Herd
Head of the Herd
85 Yonge Street North
Dept: OHO
Elmvale ON L0L 1P0
(705) 322-4282

Fly repellant, deodorizer, and waterless wash with no insecticides!

We offer a horse spray with NO insecticides, NO pesticides, and NO silicone! The natural based product, offered in a big 900ml spray bottle and a 60ml "Trail Size" spray bottle, contains essential oils... steam distilled eucalyptus and citronella and other natural based components. Don't keep spraying your horse with insecticide!

Natural emollients improve coat luster, making your horse positively shine, while making it easier for you to keep your horse clean and pest free.

Order by email. Contact us for current prices.
Hoof Trax Inc.
Hoof Trax Inc.

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P.O. Box 2548
Columbia Falls, MT 59912
(888) 668-4177

Hoof Trax is an easy slip on safety traction boot designed for ice and snow. It's made from a natural rubber designed to flex around the hoof wall of your horse, with 9 stainless steel cleats specifically placed to provide the utmost traction for your horse and a padded velcro pastern strap to hold it in place.
Horse Clips and Pitch Forks
Kinder Farm, Home of Forever Fork!

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Kinder Farm, Inc.
15 Pin Oak Dr.
Kinderhook, NY 12106
(518) 567-8979
(800) 255-0818

It is Kinder Farms 10th year in business! Although we always have a waiting list, we promise to be worth the wait.

Home of Forever Fork - "The last stable fork you will ever buy!" We promise :)
Magic Cushion Hoof Packing
Magic Cushion Hoof Packing

Help for sore feet! Magic Cushion Hoof Packing is scientifically proven effective for reducing concussion, pain, and trauma within the foot. It provides relief for laminitis, abscesses, navicular syndrome, sole bruising, and more.
Muller's Smart Carts
Muller's Smart Carts
59 Sanford Drive
Unit 2
Gorham, ME 04038
(800) 366-6026

Muller's Smart Carts is a premium stable cart that has been serving the equine community since 1975. The high-strength, lightweight aluminum frame will carry up to 600 lbs and won't rust - it also has a limited lifetime warranty!

Our patented snap-in / snap-out ultra high molecular weight plastic bins have a 5 year warranty and come in a choice of 4 colors.

Optional wheels include a 16" and 20" diameter choice as well as the corresponding flat free versions.

Internationally known for a unique balance, ease of use, and great maneuverability.

Made in Maine - Made in the USA!


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