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eZall Technologies - Equine Products
Grove City, OH 43123
(877) TRY-eZall

Safe, bio-based, natural cleaning products for you and your horse. The environmentally friendly, non-allergenic, easy to use alternative to horse shampoo! Also, arena dust control.
Greystone America
Monroe, WA 98272
(206) 817-3459

Greystone America is the US and Canadian distributor for horse and alpaca manure vacuums and arena groomers. Both are meant to be towed behind an ATV, quad, or similar vehicle for ease of use. The paddock or maxi manure vacuum saves time and labor and removes horse and alpaca manure much more thoroughly then you can with a pick and shovel. Reduce parasites and flies and make your paddocks and fields much healthier as well as saving your back! The paddock vac holds 3 to 4 wheelbarrow loads, and the maxi vac is double the capacity, at 5 to 6 wheelbarrow loads.

The new arena groomer designed to be towed by a quad, ATV, or small tractor is height adjustable to be easily transported into your arena. Unlike dragging heavy steel around compacting your surface, the Greystone arena rake aerates and grooms your surface, bringing it back to as new condition in minutes. The unique side grader also eliminates buildup from arena sides.

Please view our video demos on our website. Call o
Jupiter Equine Care
CH64 3RF
+44 (0) 845 388 4064

Jupiter Equine Care is a UK based manufacturer of products to care for horses and ponies. We use our expertise and understanding to create products that provide a real benefit for owners in the day to day care of their horses and ponies around the world.

Our products include Jupiter Summer Oil, which is a 100% blend of natural oils to break the itch and scratch cycle seen over the summer months. This product is used by riding schools, international dressage riders and trainers, and private individuals. For those that use it, it has become a important product on which they rely, and many have given testimonials to its benefits.

We also supply antibacterial and antifungal shampoos, sprays, and creams to maintain healthy skin and coats, especially through the winter months and where muddy fields and warm stables present ideal breading grounds for bacteria.

For day to day stable management, we have a range of cleaning products to maintain hygiene and for cleaning trailers and vehicles.
Poo Moover, The
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248
(480) 709-7213

Brad Thorell, aka Sella, is the design and marketing guru behind SellaManiac, Inc. and the creator of The Poo Moover. Here is his story:
"My personal experience working for and observing workers in the horse industry enabled me to identify the need for ergonomically beneficial implements and systems. So I invented them; Implements and systems for feeding, waste removal, injury protection - and some fun stuff, too! All of the designs use human engineering to eliminate muscular disorders and improve productivity as well as profitability for the farm, ranch, rodeo, and horse racing industries. My primary goal through SellaManiac, Inc. and The Poo Moover is to help people increase their productivity and reduce physical stresses as well as muscle fatigue. The ultimate result is the preservation of health, safety, and job continuity for humans and animals alike."

Make your own flexible, safe, and strong tie ring in 2 minutes for under $10 with Cowboy Tape!
Practical Horse, The / Practical Horsekeeping Products, LLC
New Paltz, NY 12561

Horse care information. Horse barn set-up, pasture tips, and small farm logistics. Save time, money, and work on horse chores.

Practical Horsekeeping Products
New Paltz, NY 12561
(973) 714-4849

Welcome to Practical Horsekeeping Products, your source for sensible horse care products and information.

Taking care of your horse can be simple or complicated. At Practical Horsekeeping Products, we believe that simple is better, so we will bring you the ideas, techniques, and gear that will make your life easier and your horse's life better.

That's a great combination, don't you think?
Stall Genie Products
Cameron Park, CA 95682
(800) 372-8899

Stall Genie Products act as an ammonia odor blocker and eliminator in horse bedding to stop ammonia in stalls and keep horses happy and healthy.
Unique Marketing & Manufacturing - Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator
Arvada, CO 80002
(303) 420-7940

Unique all natural products are your safe and effective solution to cleaning and deodorizing your barn or trailer. It's inexpensive, very effective, and guaranteed! Try one bottle, and you'll love it or your money back.


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